Golden Arrow Bowhunters

Youth League

One of the many Tasks the club is trying to focus on is getting the youth more involved in archery.  One of the major ways to keep the sport of archery and bowhunting alive is to involve the youth. We are trying to do so by the way of an in house youth archery league.  With safety our number one concern for the children, we have several members from our club that went, on their own time and money, to properly get trained and get certified so they can help teach the children.  NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) is the program used to certify, teach, and instruct throughout the country and through which our members got certified.

The NASP is an introductory level program that teaches youth from 4th grade through high school about the lifetime sport of target archery and provides an opportunity to grow their interest through local, state, national and world tournaments.  If Children are younger than 4th grade, they can participate if they have their own equipment.

Aside from the primary goal of teaching the basic skills needed to learn a traditional, lifetime shooting sport, NASP aims to improve student motivation, attention, behavior and focus. The program helps students develop their micro- and macro-motor skills in addition to their listening and observation skills. Furthermore, NASP has excelled at improving student’s overall self-esteem.

Please come on down and enjoy this sport with us and your kids!

2020 Spring Youth League Flyer