Golden Arrow Bowhunters

Work Hour Requirements Explanation Sheet

Here is an explanation on the club’s work hour requirements.  Basically, the time is split up in shift ranging from 4 to 5 hours.  Each working member is required to work 5 shifts. With 5 shifts required a member could get their five in on one weekend shoot.  Ideally the shifts will be posted after approval for the upcoming year and members can sign up on a first come basis. The first fhoot that will give shift credits each year will be the 1st Indoor 3D Championship Qualifier in the beginning of January, including the setup day.  Since it is impossible to predict how many people will be needed for a particular event the board has the right to make up more shift or remove some, but if someone is signed up for one that will be removed the member will get the credit for the shift or have to work it. It would be possible for the board to implement work parties for any work that may arise.  Also the board has the right to award shift credits to a member for work not listed on the sign up sheets. If a member shows up the day of the shoot and wants to help, but the shifts are full then they get no credit, but if they are needed they can get the shift credit, this would be up to the board member in charge of that hoot. Also significant others or children can get credits, but they must be signed up for that particular shift and be able to do that job, e.g. a child cannot sign up to serve beer, or if someone signs up to do registrations and their wife comes and helps do that, they would only get one credit since registration has only one signup slot.  Other people may work for you but let the board member in charge know, so the credit will be issued properly.

Some brief explanation follow;

Tournament Chair: At each shoot a board member will be present to act as the “tournament char.”  That person is responsible for answering any questions that may arise, assigning tasks if needed, making sure all tasks are completed, recording when a shift was fulfilled, recording and depositing money collected, seeing to any prospective nem members and filling in where needed.  This person will be at the setup and both days of the shoot.

Setup: When you sign up for the setup part of the shoot, some of the duties that may need to be completed include the following: indoor range setup, outdoor range lane cleaning, changing some of the target cores, moving around or replacing 3D targets on the outdoor range, setting shoot stakes, outdoor target yardage finding and recording, placing bales behind outdoor targets, bathroom cleaning, floor sweeping, vacuuming rugs, raffle ticket preparations among other things.  A checklist will be provided by the board member in charge of the shoot, however please note that all duties needed to be done may not make it on the checklist.


Shoot Dates:  If you sign up to work one of the positions during the actual shoot please note the times, you must be here during those designated times to fulfill your shift, all shifts are one shift unless noted.


Leagues, Scoring, Website, and Outdoor Maintenance:  These positions fulfill the entire shift requirement, and are only awarded if these tasks are fulfilled competently from your coworker’s and/or the board’s perspective.  These shifts are filled by the board with precedent going to those who have one this work in the past.


Additional Shifts:  As a reward for those who fulfill their required shifts but continue to work more, a $5 bonus for each extra shift will be awarded that is valid for any Golden Arrow Shoot or League fee except the LBL and KM shoots, since those are co-sponsored events.


The following rules were determined to prevent people from taking advantage of the system;  

  • Once you sign up, you are locked into that shift, if you cannot make it you must find a replacement or talk to the board member in charge to resolve the situation,
  • If you miss a shift you signed up for, you will receive a $50 penalty and still have to work a shift to get to the 5 shift requirement, however you can get your $50 back if you work an additional shift plus the missed one, the $50 would be due by the end of the quarter the infraction took place, quarterly code changes will take place to prevent people from taking advantage of this (*Please note that if a legitimate excuse for missing your shift is evidentially given, you will be excused from this policy by the board)
  • The waiting period for members who already have their shifts in or signed up for will be until after the last meeting before the upcoming event, this is to give members needing shifts more opportunities, these dates are noted on the sign up sheets.
  • If you did not get your 5 shifts in, you may renew buy pay a $50 penalty for each missed shift.