Golden Arrow Bowhunters

Golden Arrow Bowhunters Sponsorship Program

We are a NON-PROFIT Bowhunting/Archery Club located on our own private parcel of land just outside of Waterford, WI.  One of the many tasks the club is trying to focus on is getting the youth more involved in archer. One of the only ways to keep the sport of archery and bowhunting alive is to involve the youth.  We are trying to do so by the way of an inhouse you archery league. With safety our number concern for the children, we have many member from the club that went, on their own time and money, to properly get trained and get certified so they can help teach the children.  NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) si the program used to certify,, teach, and instruct throughout the country and through which our members got certified.

Being that we are a NON-PROFIT we hold two fundraiser a year, a 9 pin tap bowling event in May and an Ice fishing Jamboree in February.  These events help raise money to pay for things needed for our youth program such as targets, arrows, bows, scorecards, and more. We as a club are always looking for new sponsors from around the community to sponsor our club annually or make small donations for our fundraising events.  Each event has many different raffles that we always need prizes for such as meat raffles, bucket raffles, biggest fish prizes, high score in bowling, etc.

Our club member do their best to make sure to patronize all of our sponsors and spread the word to their friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.  Most of our members are already your neighbors and customers. Our club hosts approximately 12 events throughout the year at which and estimated 900 people come in and out of the clubhouse where we have our sponsor’s banners hanging for everyone to see.  For $100 annually, we could have a banner with your company information on it for everyone to see.

We would like you to take some time and think about sponsoring our club, or even donating a small gift that we could use for a raffle prize.  Anything you could do to help us fund our youth archer goals would be greatly appreciated. Below please find the contact information for our President and Treasurer if you have any questions.

Thanks you.


Eric Hartwig, President –, (832)642-8051

Melissa Laney, Treasurer – (262)210-8567

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