Golden Arrow Bowhunters

Golden Arrow Club Policies

  1. Club membership forms dand dues will only be accepted at a club or board meeting.
  2. See work hour explanation sheet for details on work hour requirements.
  3. If you damage anything, or if you find any broken or damaged club property, it must be reported to a board member.
  4. No broadheads will be shot into the 3D animals or the foam backstops.  No broadheads will be shot indoors. There will be no shooting indoors beyond the 45-yard mark.  Broadheads are allowed on the outdoor practice range only.
  5. No quarreling with the neighbors.  Practice a good neighbor policy. If you have a problem with one of our neighbors, bring it to the board.
  6. Help keep our club clean, inside and out.
  7. No club tools or equipment will be removed from the club property without the approval of the club.  Club property will not be user for personal use without the approval of the board.
  8. No hunting or killing of wildlife is allowed on the club property.
  9. Any persons, under the age of 16, are not allowed to use the 4-wheeler. (state law)  Any persons, under the age of 18, will not operated any heavy equipment. (Examples; skag, bobcat, chainsaw, log splitter).
  10. A membership rebate will be given to the board members after their obligations have been met.  They will be required to pay their membership dues by the end of January. Their dues will be rebated to them at the following annual meeting, if their obligations as a board member have been met.
  11. Private use of the club facilities will not be allowed unless it is pre-approved by the board and club members at least one month in advance.  A $50.00 refundable deposit will be required. There is a maximum limit for 100 persons. Cost will be a $100 donation to the club.
  12. The 3-D targets shall be removed from the outdoor range the last week of September, and be replaced the first week of April, weather permitting.
  13. There will be no more than eight 3-D targets set up in the indoor range from April until the end of September.
  14. The club members are welcome to post notices on the club house bulletin board, haever we request that they be dated, and be removed after one month.  Any club notices will be removed promptly after the event has taken place. Du to our Corporate Sponsorship program, businesses are limited to a single business card, unless you are a corporate sponsor where a flyer and multiple business cards are permitted.
  15. Guests are permitted at a rate of $10 each visit.  Guests are allowed to shoot as long as they wish. Simply put your name and the name and address of your guest on an envelope, enclose the money inside, seal and then slide the envelope under the office door.  A club member must be, guest at all times. Please do not take advantage of this policy.
  16. Club members are welcome to use the kitchen facilities, however we as that you keep it clean.  Please observe the prices that are posted for food and beverages that the club has purchased.
  17. Do not give out the gate and door access codes to anyone.  Violation of this rule could result in suspension of membership.